AC Programs

Lectures, presentations, workshops for children

 Lectures and presentations are holding at the American Corner. Topics cover various aspects of the American society of the Constitution to the sport and culture. Teachers are representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade and the eminent American intellectuals.
Workshops for children are an important part of program activities. With them, children gradually learn English. American Corner has a lot of games for the kids.
At the American Corner are held book presentations, literary events and film screenings.

Conversation hours
Come to the American Corner and with our ELT discuss about various issues and improve your English skills.

Book presentations
Come to learn about new books and authors

Other services

We also offer services of copying, printing and scanning.
For members, those services are free of charge.

Internet access

For our members, Internet is free of charge.


Members of American Corner can use Kindles. Regular members can rent Kindle for one week, while others may use them at the Corner.


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